Machine in Factory


Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies (MRO) adhesive application needs are collectively comprised of many different areas, including: Facility Maintenance, Power Plant/Plant Maintenance, General Manufacturing, Metallurgy Manufacturing: Mining, Marine, Vehicle Repair, Heavy Equipment Repair, HVAC Repair,

Solar Panel Repair


Solar Panel Adhesive 

We work to create high performance, effective adhesives and sealants for the solar market, one of the fastest-growing energy technologies, that simplify panel assembly and increase reliability and longevity. We customize our packages, enabling faster installations, reduced labor hours, and lower costs.

Refrigerated Goods


Tackle your toughest packaging challenges while addressing your sustainability objectives with our specially formulated, advanced industrial packaging adhesives tailored to your precise needs.

Golf Club and Ball


H.B. Fuller offers a full line of adhesive applications in sporting goods, including RV manufacturing and golf equipment. This includes the ball arm and the ball head of golf, with substrates such as galvanized steel, titanium alloy, and carbon steel

Washer & Dryer


When it comes to design, production and use of household electric appliances, H.B. Fuller provides all-around appliance adhesive application solutions (including automatic dispensing equipment) to assist customers in raising product quality, improving production efficiency and increasing corporate income.



We want to ensure that the adhesives holding your furniture together are state of the art, which is why we created a full line of household, office and kitchen furniture adhesives for the a range of markets, including: foam and mattress, millwork and profile wrap, woodworking and wood veneer, and cabinet and countertop. 

Tennis Court


As the leading global polymer manufacturer, H.B. Fuller designs superior polymer products for adhesives, building and construction, fiberglass, architectural and specialty coatings, and nonwovens, paper and textiles.

Cardboard Sheets


At H.B. Fuller, we develop paper converting solutions to enable your line to run at faster speeds and deliver the high quality your customers expect. Improve your end product, streamline your processes, and boost your performance by collaborating with our dedicated team who delivers the innovative adhesives you need.



Manufacturers who have begun to bond materials without welding, punching, folding, or using mechanical fasteners, have lessened the complexity of their assembly processes, leading to faster processing and lower production costs. Engineers have found that automotive adhesives can help them avoid stress concentrations, while eliminating protruding fasteners in order to deliver the smooth look more designers and consumers want.